Spotting fake Epson ink catridges

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I bought two sets of 6 Cartridges for my Epson R300 printer recently. All were in Vacuum packed bags so they looked OK. Then a month after buying I got a warning Email from Ebay/Paypal but because the communication is so non specific I did not pursue.

Here is a guide on how to spot a fake.

1. The Vacuum packing is much tighter on the real thing

2. Look at the label the right way up. Feel a circular pattern size of a 2p coin In a line you should see indentented dot in middle, long indent below and circular indent above. The fake does not have last circular indent.

3. Look underneath. In a gap in the black tape at the connector end you should see a clear polythene plug. Not a grey one.

4 On the back you should see a Serial number on the right and country of origin in indent on left

5. Look at the clips on the sides. They should be welded not just a clip.

There are other signs but that will do for now. Good luck and I hope this helps avoid wasting your money as I have.

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