Spotting fake abercrombie deer brook t -shirts

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About 8 out of 10 abercrombie clothing is fake on ebay! Especially the flagship polo shirt (Deer Brook) Am speaking from bad experience from sellers and my advice is: Never purchase from any sellers located in hong kong, thai countries, even though they now mask this by stating there located in the USA, but when it arrives its covered in hong Kong postal stamps. Always email the seller before committing to buy the product asking if the clothing is a 100% brand new and genuine, stating that you have original abercrombie clothing at home and won't tolerate for any fakes or good replicas. It's easy to spot a fake abercrombie deer brook polo shirt if you have at least purchase one from abercrombie, but if you havn't it's most noticeably from the collar. The collar is very thickly down at the buttons and the collar itself is quite long when upright. The collar is totally different from any other polo shirt manufacture on the market, the fakes arrive like on you would get on a lacoste polo shirt or something. Again my advice is purchase just one from abercrombie, the "investment" will be worth it later! Owh and don't fall for the 100% genuine statement on their page, always email first and ask!
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