Spotting region free games on ebay

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Spotting "region free games" on ebay

Region free games are fine and as they are region free they will work on any console, but please be aware that if you plan to trade in these games when youre done with them you'll find that you will be turned away, shops wont accept region free games as trade ins.

Region free games will also sometimes come to you in a different language, also with different box art, the one plus point about region free games is that they are sometimes cheaper, if you want to buy them brand new then use this site thats the one everyone uses, you will find games a lot cheaper there than here on ebay, they are a very decent site.

Whenever buying games on ebay i suggest that you always buy PAL games only, if it does not say PAL on the listing stay away, in the event of you receiving a region free game after bidding on an item stated as PAL, contact the seller and ask for a refund, its against ebay rules to sell region free games stating they are PAL. if you have no luck with the seller then open a dispute with paypal stating that the item is not a described.

Ive been sent so many region free games now instead of the stated PAL and every seller has got it back, dont let them get away with it,

If you need anymore help please contact me - also feel free to rate this guide


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