Spread betting - what you need to know on ebay

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This guide is the first iteration of my guide to spread betting information that is available on ebay and what YOU the consumer need to consider before deciding to part with your hard earned cash upon making that purchase. Spread betting is also sometimes referred to as spread trading, and there is a newer product related to spread betting is binary betting. This is NOT a guide to spread betting or binary betting or an introduction to spread betting. If you require more information on what spread betting is, please email me from my ebay shop.

There is currently a variety of spread betting books, documents (ebook and hard cover), spread betting spreadsheets, spread betting software and trading systems available on ebay that can be categorised according to their desired audiences. This is a very quick overview of what is available to help you make a more informed choice about what is right for you. I am doing this because I have a genuine desire to raise the level of service on ebay, to help people develop their own skills.  (The old 'catch a man to fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime'). I am doing this as an established professional in my field - a director of a niche IT consulting firm and at the same time, a professional stock trader working for a leading market maker. I am doing this because I want to make a difference having survived a life threatening illness 3 years ago.

I cannot emphasise the importance of developing your own approaches and mechanisms in trading that are adapted to your own personal objectives and some of the best systems available can be used to do exactly that. I currently see 3 broad categories of information related to spread betting on ebay, not strictly speaking, they are:

  1. Generic ebooks :: intro's documentation and "Make money from spread betting" between 99p and £5.99, sometimes the information sold is freely available on the internet if you do a simple google search for spread betting. They are usually offerred as part of a wider ebook libray from an ebayer. Save your money if you have the time to search and research yourself, or if you dont worry about spending that kind of money go ahead and buy.
  2. Other peoples documents, books and spread betting systems. Between £6-£10. These systems can be useful but may not have the necessary support from the ebay seller. Some of them are offerred as Camarilla Equation or Swing signals, again these are available freely on the internet but come repackaged in a handy to use tool and accompanying document.
  3. Seller designed, owned and supported systems or spreadsheets or software scripts, Roughly £10-£100+. These are for the more serious spread better that are considering to use spread betting seriously to add to their existing income or continue using it as their sole source of income. Some automated systems come packaged in an excel spreadsheet through which you will be required to manually enter end of day data and the spread sheet will calculate the maving average convergence / divergence and give the resulting UP or DOWN signal (you can buy and sell a stock or index without owning it). Some (for example the 'F2358B-Binary Power', binary system) come as detailed system documentation and accompanying software and data feed with a course on spread betting that enable you to use the technical indicators to predict the course of a trend or trading range.
  4. Tradestation or eSignal plugins.

Always ask yourself these questions before considering purchasing ANY spread betting information:

  • Does the seller use the system themselves and are they available to support you via email after purchase? Beware of people that have downloaded or obtained old systems and courses from 2, 3 or 4 years ago that may no longer be making money. Also look at the returns and seriously question WHERE such courses, training documentation came from. These systems are availble cheaply or offerred as bonuses to existing items and are often lifted from the Internet, or file sharing tools such as Kazaa. They are oferred cheaply or as bonuses more often than not because they no longer make money.
  • Does the seller just resell or offer many links to FREE ebooks on scams of how to make money on ebay? Yes? BE CAREFUL OF SPYWARE, Viruses and other malicious software contained in .exe files. Ebooks SHOULD ONLY BE DISTRIBUTED IN PDF format!
  • Does the seller publish actual results of the system? Does the seller offer a method of trade and entry and exit criteria? Some systems are based purely on moving averages to help define whether then trend is UP or DOWN and therefore which direction to buy or sell a stock, index or currency. Getting the signal and direction is only half the skill required in trading. The rest is derived from money management, approach, discipline and knowing when to get out of a trade.

As a final note I would recommend you search for google for spread betting and day trading information - there is a great deal of information available. Secondly, join an agency such as finspreads and enrol in their free spread betting 6 week tutorial programme ( I did 2 years ago, and it worked for me!). Thirdly, there are many good systems available on ebay but just make sure that there's email support to get you on track.

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