Stab Vests And Cut Resistant Clothing

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This is a guide on how to choose a stab vest or cut resistant clothing item. It is written as an impartial view on body armour, stab vests, and cut resistant clothing, and the buying process.

Firstly hopefully you will of already made a decision that would want some form of protection. Either a stab vest or some cut resistant clothing. There are many reasons why you may want these items. You may work in an industry where there are risks which can be reduced or eliminated through the use of cut resistant clothing or stab vests.

The best stab vests currently on the market are made using polycarbonate plates. Two plates 1 rear and 1 front which come closely together on the sides to provide unrivalled blunt trauma and stab resistance. Additional parts of body can be covered by cut resistant clothing. 

When you google "stab vests" you get a list of many companies which sell stab vests. There are many places to buy a stab vest and what you should be looking for is the best stab vest you can afford. Many people cannot afford £300 for a certified KR1 stab vest, so what are the options.

One option is to save. If you can save £300 you can get KR1 protection is is great for most situations. If youre feeling plush you might spend £400 and get a KR2 protection. Its a bit thicker, a bit heavier, but also a bit better. Both levels give you fantastic protection and can be relied on to defend against the specified threats.

If you cant afford a stab vest you can get cut resistant clothing and this will give you cut protection. Defense against weapons like stanley knives, slash attacks and the like.

It is no thicker than normal clothing and will give you certified protection from cuts and slashes etc. Cut-Tex is currently the most advanced material offering the highest levels of cut protection.

Protect Yourself have been supplying these products for over a year. PPSS manufacture these fine items, and have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of body armour and cut resistant clothing items.

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