Stable lights - if your stable has no mains electricity

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Solar charging, remote control stable lights

Many stables, especially field stables, aren't connected to mains electricity. This makes lighting something of a problem.
The things to consider when searching for suitable lighting for such a stable include
- brightness of the light
- how long the battery lasts
- how easily the battery can be charged
- how easy it is to install the lights at the stable
- how the light is turned on / off
- how robust the light and other accessories are

Solar charge LED lighting is a good option nowadays.  A small solar panel can charge a battery pack to power a bright LED light for several hours.
A stable light with a hook that enables it to be hung from a nail is probably the easiest install
Look for at least 10 LEDs and ideally double that
If the light is fixed, say on the ceiling, you don't want to be climbing up to turn it on / off: a remote control is preferred
Check out the video above for some more ideas about what sort of thing is available these days.
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