Staffordshire Animals that are really Scottish

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There are a lot of sellers who sell old Scottish Bo'ness Pottery Animals as Staffordshire.  This is mainly done through ignorance of Scottish Pottery.  However, some sellers have the knowledge that their items are Scottish, but prefer to catogorise them as Staffordshire as they think that the items will sell better to the American Market as Staffordshire and not as what they truely are, Scottish Pottery.  The American market is the best at present for Staffordshire and some dealers want to capitalise on this.

The items most commonly sold as Staffordshire, that are Scottish Pottery are; Large Pairs of Cats, Pairs of Lions, Pairs of Collie Type Dogs, Pairs of Lions and Pairs of St.Bernard Dogs.

Having said this, there is a very buoyant market for Antique Scottish Pottery and people around the world collect it.   A fact lost to some dealers.

If anyone considering buying Staffordshire would like to check if  the pieces they are going to bid on are Scottish there is a website that has lots of information if you do an internet search for Bo'ness Pottery.  This website does not sell pottery it's just a Museum type guide.

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