Stainless Steel Pocket Watch Buying Guide

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Stainless Steel Pocket Watch Buying Guide

A quality stainless steel pocket watch is able to keep time accurately, and is known to last for years and even decades. For a simpler and more pleasant shopping experience, a consumer should understand the different quality options, mechanical movements, and watch types before making a final purchase. Since stainless steel pocket watches are a more modern style, searching for a pocket watch that is designed with a variety of extra options included is not difficult. Even a high quality pocket watch with additional features can be found for a reasonable price when using online resources such as eBay.

With online marketplaces like eBay, shoppers are able to browse through designer stainless steel pocket watches as well as used options for a fairly inexpensive price. Open faced stainless steel options, closed stainless steel pocket watches, and chained options are all available through eBay. A consumer should understand different pocket watch case types, movement options, and brands before making a final purchase decision.

Stainless Steel Pocket Watch Cases

Although pocket watch cases are not essential to the accuracy of a pocket watch, they are the first element that is seen publicly when a steel pocket watch is worn. There are two different case options which most stainless steel pocket watches offer. Open face pocket watches and hunter case options are both quality pocket watch designs available through online marketplaces such as eBay.

Open Face Pocket Watch

An open face pocket watch is designed with a clear crystal cover that showcases the dial of the watch without the need to unclasp a cover. Stainless steel pocket watches with an open faced design give individuals the ability to check the time quickly and easily. Open face pocket watches are easily worn and accessed with the use of a chain or simply by being stored in a pocket. For an easily accessible option, purchase an open face, stainless steel pocket watch.

Hunter Case Pocket Watch

Hunter case pocket watches are designed with a metal piece and clasp, which covers the crystal in order to protect the dial of the watch. In order to check the time, owners of hunter case pocket watches must remove the metal cover of the watch by pressing on a button, clasp, or other securing device. These pocket watches also provide extra protection for the dial of a watch. Many times, stainless steel pocket watches with hunter cases are quite ornate as well as protective. When shopping for such a pocket watch, it is common for them to be referred to as half hunter pocket watches..

Stainless Steel Pocket Watch Movement Options

Stainless steel pocket watches are a modern stylistic choice that offer mechanical movements which have been available for several decades. The term 'movement' simply refers to the mechanical pieces within the pocket watch that allow the timepiece to accurately keep time. There are approximately five common types of pocket watch movements available on the marketplace. Understanding what each movement option has to offer makes shopping for a stainless steel pocket watch a more pleasant experience.

Quartz Battery Movement Pocket Watches

Perhaps the most common and consistent movement type for a stainless steel pocket watch is a quartz movement. Quartz movement pocket watches use a relatively small battery to electrify and charge a crystal. The crystal then vibrates in order to move gears, which help the pocket watch to continually keep accurate time. Quartz movement pocket watches offer incredibly accurate time for its user.

Quartz Kinetic Movement Pocket Watches

Pocket watches powered by quartz movements are a popular option due to their ability to keep accurate time. Since many require a battery, such pocket watches cannot run continuously without an occasional replacement of the battery. Stainless steel pocket watches which offer kinetic quartz movements,, however, are powered by the movement of the body. These pocket watches are quite expensive, but are also fairly reliable if worn often. If worn each day, such pocket watches have the potential to keep accurate time for years.

Mechanical Wind Pocket Watches

Mechanical wind pocket watches, also known as hand wound mechanical pocket watches,, are manufactured to be wound each day. Such pocket watches depend upon a spring that is wound by the owner to operate properly. The spring slowly unwinds to move the gears within the pocket watch.

Hand wound mechanical pocket watches are somewhat less expensive than quartz powered pocket watches. Since they require no battery, mechanical wind pocket watches are able to keep time for years on end with little to no upkeep.

Automatic Wind Pocket Watches

When shopping for an option that keeps time with or without a battery, many consumers turn to automatic wind or automatic mechanical pocket watches.. These options offer the benefits of a hand wound mechanical pocket watch without the constant need to wind the pocket watch by hand. Alternatively, automatic mechanical pocket watches are wound by the movement of ones own body. If not worn consistently, such watches are not incredibly reliable, but if they are worn consistently they can accurately keep time for many years.

Solar Powered Pocket Watches

Pocket watches that are powered by a simple light source are another option when considering buying a stainless steel pocket watch. These pocket watches are designed to absorb the energy from the sun and other light sources in order to run the mechanics of the watch. Solar powered pocket watches, however, are typically more difficult to find than other pocket watch styles. Those who use an online marketplace such as eBay are able to find even solar powered stainless steel pocket watches for a reasonable price.

Stainless Steel Pocket Watch Brands

Once the mechanical movement of the pocket watch and the case construction is chosen, selecting a specific stainless steel pocket watch brand also aids in making a quality shopping decision. Available brands include Stuhrling pocket watches, Swiss pocket watches, and even generic used options when trying to save a bit of money.

Stuhrling Pocket Watches

Small, stainless steel pocket watches are considered by many to be a less expensive option than many other types of pocket watches. This pocket watch style, however, does not have to be less reliable than other options. Stuhrling pocket watches offer quality in both timekeeping and accuracy for its user.

Swiss Pocket Watches

A stainless steel pocket watch designed with the Swiss name and logo is a surefire option for those in need of a quality timepiece. Swiss stainless steel pocket watches have long been the top option for consumers the world over. Individuals who need a reliable and finely made pocket watch on a budget often consider Swiss stainless steel pocket watches as high quality, affordable products.

General Used Pocket Watch Options

Individuals who are on a budget may want to shop for more generic, used pocket watches. Used stainless steel pocket watches that are manufactured in large numbers can be purchased at a lower cost than new pocket watch models. Browse for a used option that shows minimal signs of wear for a better result. With online marketplaces such as eBay, consumers are able to find a large quantity of generally used options.

How to Buy a Stainless Steel Pocket Watch on eBay

A stainless steel pocket watch is a daily accessory that displays a classic sense of style. Searching for a pocket watch that is both stylish and has the ability to keep accurate time is an important task for any individual. With online marketplaces such as eBay, consumers are able to browse through hundreds of options when searching for a stainless steel pocket watch. In order to begin shopping on eBay, you can perform a keyword search by entering in a search term such as 'stainless steel pocket watch &' into the search bar found on any eBay page.

Once the search term has been entered into the search bar, simply select the 'search' button in order to turn up a variety of item options. Such a search can turn up hundreds of results that range from simple stainless steel pocket watches to more advanced pocket watch options. The advanced search feature allows consumers to define search terms and narrow down the field of options before ever having to sift through listings.


Known to be a durable and accurate timepiece, many individuals choose a stainless steel pocket watch as a daily accessory. When shopping for a stainless steel pocket watch, consider what type of pocket watch case fits specific stylistic preferences. While the outer case is an important physical characteristic, the inner workings of a pocket watch are also vital to the overall value and usability of a pocket watch. Search for a pocket watch that is designed with a quality movement that matches the usage needs of the pocket watch in question.

When both case and pocket watch movement are selected, consumers narrow down choices through other avenues. Sticking to a certain brand allows consumers to narrow down choices and select a quality pocket watch option. Those searching for a specific pocket watch do well to consider using online marketplaces such as eBay. People who desire a simpler shopping method often find eBay to be an intuitive and convenient shopping method. Select a pocket watch style, a movement type, a brand, and find the right pocket watch. 

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