Stamp Sellers Who Don't Offer Postage Discounts.

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Many items sold in the "Stamps" category are extremely light in weight and it frequently happens that at least five or more could be sent together without the seller incurring any more cost.  A typical example would be buying five different booklet panes (each of which is listed @ 90p postage) and then being charged £4.50 for postage only to find all the items arrive in one letter!  It is indefensible that this can happen but it certainly does.
I feel strongly that all stamp sellers should automatically offer (in their listing) a discount for multiple items bought together.  Using the example above I would - in a perfect world -  expect to pay 90p postage for all  the items but even a reduction (to say 10p) for each additional item would be a gesture I'd appreciate.  If sending multiple items did actually cause the seller to pay more than sending one I would obviously expect to pay something extra but surely not five times the basic cost!  Offering a discount would also be a benefit to the seller as it would often encourage me to buy more items if I knew I wasn't being "milked" for unnecessary extra postage.
Think about it all you sellers - how about an automatic discount offer? 


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