Standard Catalogue of World Gold Coins, Book by Krause

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Standard Catalogue of World Gold Coins
Including Platinum and Palladium Issues
Used by most bullion and coin dealers for precious metal coins, excluding silver.

by Colin R. Bruce II Senior Editor, Thomas Michael, Market Analyst
Based on the original work of Chester L. Krause and Clifford Mishler
Publisher: Krause Publications
Detailed date and mint listings - 1500s to present - Current values

The Telephone Book
The first "Krause" was published in 1972, as a single volume, it now consumes four volumes each covering a century, plus "World Gold Coins", first published in 1985, and now in its 5th edition.

The Fifth Edition
Our copy of the fifth (2005) edition contains 1,200 pages, over 20,000 full size illustrations, and we estimate over 200,000 different coins listed, each in up to four different grades of preservation. Includes almost every known coin since 1901, covering the entire 20th century.

It is worth reading the opening sections of the catalogue before starting to use it. These include Introduction, Table of Contents, Foreign Exchange Tables, Country Index, User's Guide which gives a lot of practical advice on identifying coins, Coin Sizing Chart, International Numerics, Instant Identifier, Hejira Date Conversion Chart, Coin Denominations List, Grading Chart, Gold Platinum & Palladium Bullion Value Chart, Mint Index, Mint Data, Monograms and Eastern Mint Names. These sections are followed by the main listings section of the book. There are two photographs of almost every coin type, showing the obverse and reverse sides full size. This makes it easy to find the right coin by size, although it does make listings for small coins more difficult to work with, however this is a minor quibble as the book would be even larger if it had to include a larger photograph of each coin. Each country has a brief but very useful and informative demographic and historical summary before its coin listings.

World Gold Coins
Contains almost complete listings of every gold coin for over the past four centuries. It also includes platinum and palladium issues. We say "almost" because in a work of this magnitude, it must be almost impossible to include every known coin. New rarities come to light almost every year, and Krause do a remarkable job of keeping their database updated. We ourselves send numerous reports each year about missing coins, errors, omitted images, and although we don't get time to check up, we presume these get added to the next volume, as we occasionally, but not always, get an acknowledgement from Krause Publications.
Each year, there are also many new issues, and it is perfectly understandable that there is an inevitable delay before some of these make the catalogue, especially considering how poor many world mints are at providing timely information.
Although most of the information is included in the four volumes of Krause World Coins catalogues, we find it pays us to have this book also, even though it carries a $100 price tag.
For any dealer in gold coins, a copy of this book is a must, and for most collectors of gold coins, or any precious metal except silver, this book should also be on their bookshelves.

Cover Price
5th edition, published 2005, 1220 pages
Price: $100 US / £59.95 UK

About the Author
Lawrence Chard is a director of Chard Coins of Blackpool, England, and has over 42 years experience in numismatic and bullion coins.
Chard have maintained a dealing service for both collectors and investors in bullion and numismatic coins. During the period from 1965 to 1971, we were one of only a small number of dealers who were granted a dealers licence.

All our images and text are copyright.
Actually, we also notice that Investors in Time are using our world famous and much copied photograph of a 1974 krugerrand on their website, without our copyright permission.

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