Standmount Speakers Buying Guide

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Standmount Speakers Buying Guide

For many people, it is a dream to create a room in their home that is set up for the perfect audio experience. With such a setup, audiophiles can enjoy listening to their favourite music, or combine audio with video, in a home entertainment system perfect for movies or television shows. There are many components to any home audio system, but one of the most important is speakers. There are many kinds of speakers available, from large speakers that sit on the floor, to tiny tweeters that are hung on the wall.

One of the best kinds of speakers for general purposes are what are known as standmount speakers, for the way they are placed on a stand in order to function properly. Standmount speakers are available in many electronics stores, as well as online via eBay. Regardless of where they are purchased, there are a few things that a buyer can learn in order to make purchasing the right speakers easier. These factors include understanding what audio is best suited for standmount speakers, what to look for in a standmount speaker, and how to best maximise the abilities of a standmount speaker.

Unique Qualities of Standmount Speakers

Many buyers may find that buying floor speakers is easier because they are taller and do not require stands. Most of these speakers tend to fit in better with decor, and true audiophiles use standmount speakers for their performance abilities. There are many reasons that standmount speakers are preferred over floor speakers in most situations.

Standmount Speaker Design

Standmount speakers are typically smaller than floor speakers, and are designed to fit on a stand that raises them off the ground. In some cases, standmount speakers are placed on shelves, which is why they are also known as bookshelf speakers. Contrary to what some might think, this smaller size is not a disadvantage. In fact, larger speakers such as floor speakers, have a larger cabinet space and can fit more drivers inside them. There is however, the issue of internal resonance to deal with. The sound waves bouncing around inside of the speaker can become diluted and muddled if the space is too large. In the case of a standmount speaker where there is a smaller space, this is not an issue and the sound can come through clearly.

The Issue of Bass

Critics of standmount speakers often point out that in almost every case, a floor speaker is better able to produce bass than a standmount speaker. This is partially due to the fact that standmount speakers seldom include a subwoofer. When placed on the floor, speakers that produce bass have a natural means to amplify it. This is not to say that standmount speakers do not produce bass at all. In fact, they can produce a good deal of bass if they have the proper drivers and are positioned accurately. Still, if bass is the most important thing to a buyer, standmount speakers may not be the best choice.

Standmount Speakers and Different Media

Since standmount speakers lack somewhat in the bass department, there are certain types of music that are not reproduced fully enough to satisfy some. This is not to say that music can not be enjoyed or sound amazing on standmount speakers, but if bass is the most significant aspect of a performance, buyers might be better off with floor speakers. However, because standmount speakers are capable of greater frequency range and better precision than floor speakers, they are perfect for movies. It is for this reason that home theatre systems commonly use standmount speakers.

Things to Look For in Standmount Speakers

For those who want the very best speakers for their home entertainment system, there are a few factors that makes one set of standmount speakers rise above others. Understanding what is important to the purchaser is the first step towards selecting the right set of standmount speakers. There are many more factors to keep in mind as potential buyers use eBay to their advantage.


A speaker's wattage refers to the amount of electricity it can handle. This directly correlates with what kind of volume a speaker is capable of producing. For those who wish to watch a movie with booming sound, it is important to look for a standmount speaker that have a high peak power. This allows for loud volumes that do not do any damage to the speaker. Another thing to examine is the nominal power of the speakers in question. This rating determines what a good power level is for the speaker. In other words, what is a comfortable volume that produces the least amount of distortion.


The amount of volume that a certain wattage produces may vary from speaker to speaker, but an examination of a speaker's sensitivity will provide more information. A higher sensitivity rating, measured in decibels, indicates that a speaker is more efficient in terms of translating electricity into volume.

Frequency Response

Audio frequency is very important for anyone who wants to purchase any kind of speaker. Sounds with a higher frequency are those that are higher pitched, measured at up to 20 kHz. Lower bass notes have a much lower frequency, falling between 40 to 1000 Hz. Anything in between, is typically covered by a mid-range driver. When buying a standmount speaker, knowing what sort of frequency response it has will provide a sense of how well it can recreate music and other audio. Many standmount speakers have one or more midrange drivers along with a tweeter for midrange drivers.

Standmount Speaker Placement

Where a speaker is placed in a room has a major impact on the quality of the sound that is produced. Rooms that are too open may cause sound to dissipate more quickly. Rooms that are too closed in, may in fact cause an echo that sounds unpleasant, especially when played at higher volumes. This is also a problem for rooms that have a lot of hard, flat surfaces, such as a hardwood floor. These surfaces can easily reflect sound and thus alter the audio performance. At the same time, too many soft surfaces such as furniture and wall hangings, can absorb sound and cause their own difficulties. A good rule of thumb is to place any seating at the centre of the room so that the audience is able to hear the sound more directly.

Stands and Bookshelves

Standmount speakers need to be placed in an elevated position in order to properly deliver sound to an audience. For the most part, this is done using stands that are specially designed to place them at just the right height. In cases where a stand will not work for cost, decor or other reasons, standmount speakers are placed on shelves. While this can be a good solution to the problem of stands, at the same time, shelving can interfere with sound quality. Any bass produced by a speaker, may interact with shelving or cabinets and create an unpleasant resonance that diminishes sound quality. When placing a standmount speaker on a shelf, it is important to avoid placing them within a cabinet and place them in a more open area of shelving instead.

Buying Standmount Speakers on eBay

Those who wish to buy their speakers online have a major advantage with eBay, which allows anyone to see an incredibly wide variety of products. Even within the fairly narrow category of standmount speakers, there are offerings from different manufacturers, both new and used. After carefully considering what is needed in terms of standmount speakers, the best way to see what is available is to simply enter the search term, 'standmount speakers' into the search bar on the eBay home page. This search term can be modified or added to if necessary.

Examine Each Product Closely

Each product on eBay should come with information about it. Reading product descriptions carefully, including any technical specifications, can help ensure that a buyer finds the best product for their needs. Likewise, taking note of seller feedback helps buyers feel more secure about their purchase. Some sellers have the Top Seller rating, which shows that they have long experience with eBay, and that their products have been trusted by others.


Standmount speakers are an important part of many home entertainment systems. Not only are they smaller and lighter than floor speakers, but they also are capable of producing more precise sound in higher frequencies. This is particularly useful for those who want good audio quality for watching movies and television shows. The only way in which floor speakers are superior to standmount speakers is in regards to their ability to produce bass. Many standmount speakers lack a subwoofer, but are still capable of producing lower frequency sounds.

When purchasing standmount speakers, it is important to understand what frequencies they can produce. It is equally important to know what kind of volume levels they are capable of reaching without causing any damage. Then, it is a question of understanding where the standmount speaker can best be put to use, as they do better when they are in a room that is better suited to good sound. Standmount speakers also benefit from not being enclosed in a cabinet. Understanding how standmount speakers work, makes it possible for anyone to buy them in an informed and careful process, which can be quite satisfying.

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