Star Wars AFA - Warning

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Hello, I have been a trader of AFA (Action Figure Authority) Graded Star Wars figures for a long time. - Home of Action Figure Authority

This guide is a warning and a simple way to avoid dissapointment.

Recently I have noticed people using AFA in the title of auctions for most Star Wars figures, the allure is your going to see an AFA graded figure once you click the auction but low and behold its a figure or MIB(Man In Box or Mint in Box) Figure - NON AFA Graded.

This isn't a problem as these can be graded by AFA. With 2 downsides.

The loose figure will never receive an uncirculated (U) rating due to it being out of its packing.

The MIB (Man In Box or Mint in Box) figure will never receive an uncirculated (U) rating due to it being out of its sealed factory case.

You can however get an uncirculated (U) rating on the MIB (Man In Box or Mint in Box) Figure if you allow AFA to remove from packaging, this is very handy when buying carded figures which would struggle to get an AFA 60 & Below rating.


Now the latest trickery I have seen if people selling MIB Figures (Man In Box or Mint in Box) which after reading you will see are actually reseals.

AFA see reseals as fakes, they will not grade a reseal or any figure or MIB which has been cosmetically enhanced.

They are the experts afterall.

The problem with the reseal is it is cosmetically resealed to look like an original and most sellers declare the figure as reseal, some do nto so be careful. The sellers who declare it also declare the figure as AFA in the title of theyre auction.

This is false advertising and most will replay with "You can get the figure AFA Graded from inside the box", this is true but the figure will never get Uncirculated (U) rating even though it is sealed in a box, and also alt of reseal figures are done to be cosmetically pleasing and so the paint job on the figures are "touched up" this instantly voids any AFA grading adn your either sent your figure back or in a AFA box with no grading number or certificate on the label inside the box.

Avoid disappointment and dont touch reseals if you want to expand or start an AFA Graded Collection.

Thanks for listening.




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