Star Wars - Action Fleet

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Collecting Star Wars Action Fleet

This is a short guide to collecting Star Wars Action Fleet as it can be a challenge to find that good condition model to add to your collection


The first thing that comes to mind with a true Action Fleet collector is the condition of the item and if it is complete. When searching for Action Fleet models they are the two most important factors to keep in mind (the price to pay for them is up to you).

Some models are Mint In Sealed Box (MISB), which means that the box may be a bit damaged but still have the original contents in mint condition. These are the most popular type of condition that you will find them in, however, the price will also increase because of this. This is acceptable for the most serious collectors as you rarely find a model in Mint In Mint Sealed Box (MIMSB). This means that the item has never been opened and the condition of the box is as new, these are even rarer to find and is often being sold be past collectors. A large price is usually asked for in these circumstances.

Loose models are the most common condition of models. Loose items tend to be incomplete or damaged (a point to remember by collectors) unless the seller states that they are complete - its worth asking the seller if they are complete. Many models will not include the stands, however this is not an issue as they can be located more easily. By looking at the picture of the item you can see if the model is complete (unless its not of the item being sold). The most common incomplete action fleet model is the X-wing, it doesn't have all it's lasers. So make sure that before you buy or bid for the item you make sure it is complete and comes with all the right pieces as some sellers don't know what is originally with that model. As a result of this all loose models should hae a lower price compaired to the boxed versions.


For sellers and buyers the rarity of the model is another thing to consider. Sometimes the seller knows how rare the model is so they price it high. Sometimes they just start it off low and let the buyers knowledge take the price up. If you know your stuff and know how rare the item is to find then snap it up if it is a good price, even if you have it already; then you can sell it on at the proper price and make a good profit. There are only a few websites out there that have logged all the action fleet models and catagorised them in order of rarity, if you find these then you will have a very good idea what to keep an eye out for.

Sometimes some models are more common in different countries so it's worth looking at, just make sure that they will post worldwide (if in doubt ask the seller). This usually means P&P will be high but if its a vital model to your collection then it shouldn't matter. They usually have much more models on there, I have bought several items from America for around £20 P&P which is fairly good.

So the points to remember about rarity is to find out how rare a model is, then bid for it, Theres no point in buying lots of common models when you could of bought some of the rarer models for bargain prices.


So just remember the few vital points above before bidding or buying an Action Fleet model. If you have any doubts then feel free to ask me or the seller any questions. Condition and Rarity are the things to look out for. Happy hunting and may the force be with you.

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