Stargate SG.1 Season 10

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Stargate SG.1 Season 10 (2007)

DVD Box-Set, 5-Disc Set. UK Region-2


This season really lives up to the promise of being some of the best Sci-Fi in a very long time. Season 10 ends the long running SG.1 series with the ultimate battle against the 'hell bent' Ori. The Ori are the oldest and wisest race of the universe. They come from an ancient time before the civilization of man. Not even the God-like Ancients of mans past are safe from the incredible power & ultimate knowledge that the Ori possess.

Will SG.1 stop them? Will the Ancients step in? Can the Ori be defeated? It needs to be watched to be believed.


Seasons 9 & 10 contain the complete Ori Origin Story.

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