Start Your Own Ebook Business WARNING

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My message to the NEWBIE EBOOK/information SELLER is this:  If you buy already made ebook websites or adsense websites from people so you can get  a head start with your  internet ventures then you MUST know that Google and ALL SEARCH ENGINES frown on DUPLICATE content and your DOMAIN NAME will be IGNORED BY GOOGLE as soon as you publish such web sites on the internet. (this is all this guide is about, repeated for you a few times using different linguistics, just to help you, a bit like the govs alcohol warnings you are accustomed to watching on tv)

The FIRST TIME Google's spider will visit your site and find that there are already 759 sites with the SAME CONTENT asd YOUR SITE  then that is the LAST TIME Google's robot will VISIT your site for a long time. Period. This means you might as well have your site in a floppy in a drawer.

Go to google and look for "duplicate content" yourself and then READ for yourselves.

Yes, I sell websites too, no, mine aren't duplicate content, and I am not explaining how I do it, not for free.

My message here to NEWBIES WANTING TO START OUT ON THE INTERNET  is to stop spending Lots of Money on buying websites who might  get you banned on the search engines and will cause you to WASTE MONTHS OF WORK JUST LIKE I DID.

If there are a few carbon copies of the site already OUT THERE then the site is NO GOOD and will GET YOUR DOMAIN BANNED as soon as GOOGLE's ROBOT will crawl it so don't waste any money on buying such sites.

ASK the seller what he/she has done to the site to prevent you from getting banned. Check the seller's domain name on any WHOIS service and if it comes back hidden then do not get involved as you might be sorry MONTHS down the line like I did.


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