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There are so many excuses to put off from strating at the gym or a new diet regime. We are all guilty of procrastinating and we all make excuses becuase in heart we don't really want to get on with the diet even through we know we should.

Getting into shape shouldn't been seen as a chore, but as part of your lifestyle. There are so many reasons why we should train, not just for physical appearance but for health and wellness and vitality.

Plus, if you want to start looking toned you need to be getting in the gym. There is no one that can take action apart from you and you can't blame time, one of the greatest excuses. I am sure you find time to watch the telly and go to the pub, but never the time to workout.

If you what you really want is to get fit and healthy, you have to make the decision to do something, you are the only person stopping you from doing it.

Happy gyming.
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