Stay safe - Nokia Phone Batteries - How to spot fakes

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Although it is not happening to everyone, a large number of mobile phones have exploded very vigorously.  They probably won't kill but fragments can blind, maim and burn.

Nokia maintain that the problem is caused by fake batteries which lack or have poor quality protection circuitry to prevent overheating and overcharging.

Understandably Nokia wish to provide for the safety of the World's Nokia mobile phone users and a couple of years ago introduced a hologram and serial code system to enable buyers to spot fakes.

All batteries made by Nokia since September 2004 bear a Nokia Hologram with serial information which you can look up at Nokia's web site.

Nokia's guide on how to spot fakes can be found here:

And a public release article explaining the situation can be found at Nokia Here:

There are various news media articles detailing exploding phones and the resulting injuries which can typically be found by using an internet search engine and hunting for 'exploding phone'

a couple of such articles can be found here:
CBS News
C/Net News

It is clearly in your own best interest to ensure that you understand what you are buying, how to use and charge your phone safely
and only use batteries from the original manufacturer.

Lithium is a highly volatile metal.  Lithium Ion batteries offer a lot of advantages because of their lack of 'memory effect', their high current output, their small size and their light weight, but if their protection circuitry is compromised or damaged in some way there is a risk of a self-fuelling overheat occurring which causes the battery to explode.  This is the main reason why it is wise to use the best quality batteries only if they are of the Lithium Ion type.

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