Staying safe online and protecting your ebay account

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A guide to staying safe online and on ebay


I cannot emphasize the importance of protecting your ebay account against hackers and  receiving spoof emails,which I will go into more detail.

A hacker who has taken over a account has usually targetted PC/laptop users with a Trojan-usually sent via an innocent email attachment or via a malicious website.  A trojan is a nasty little virus which, when you open it exceutes its virus signature  onto your hard drive and gives the hacker remote access to your computer-i.e. user name and passwords,banking details,paypal etc .

You may not notice anything whilst you have inadvertently typed in to go into your account the hacker is silently capturing all your personal details.

They can then go into your account and steal your ID and cause havoc with stealing your ebay ,paypal identity and can empty bank /payapl accounts,make false bids,get goods sent to another address and get you blacklisted by the banks,thus making life and your credit rating very serious.

Always check your ebay and paypal account regulary and report without fail any suspicious or strange activity on your account to ebay,paypal and the police.  Ring the banks to immediately to suspend your account and to prevent further illegal activity and your hard earned cash dissapearing.

Stability issues, such as applications freezing, failure to boot, and system-wide crashes are very common symtoms of a variety of infection from viruses and spyware or your computer has been compromised

Therefore,always have these as mandatory installed on your PC/LAPTOP as the bare basics and to run these applications regularly to prevent installation of rogue virus & spayware:

FIREWALL-Is like a security guard and personal detective-sniffing out and filtering any incoming traffic to your connection-be sure to update the definitions every few days to keep abreast of latest threats.

Pick of the best

1-Comodo-firewall-an award winning firewall-exceeds commerical products

2-Online Armour-firewall- a superb firewall protection


ANTI-VIRUS-detects and removes viruses-be careful of ROOTKIT viruses which are alot harder to weedout and operate in stealth.  Usually your PC/Laptop will display unusual symtons if infected-programs wont open,very slow process time,errors upon opening applications.  Sometimes there wont be no symtons at all-but the wisdom in truth is to run your anti-virus daily and ensure the anti-rootkit is enabled.

1-AVG-best free anti virus

comphrensive anti virus-anti rootkit
anti spyware-link scanner
email scanner-web shield
resident shield

2-AVAST-best free anti-virus

Strong self-protection
Antivirus kernel
Simple User Interface
Resident protection
P2P and IM Shields
Network Shield


ANTI-SPYWARE-uasually installed without you being aware,they tend not to install software but reside on your hardrive causing problems and very annoying pop up advertisments. One computer I cleaned had over 20,000 infections and 700 registry problems,so you can see the accumalation of NOT cleaning your system regulary.

Worst of  rogue spyware-top threats!

CoolwebSearch- creates pop-up ads that redirect to other websites including pornography sites, collect private information about users and slow the speed of infected computers.

PurityScan- a program that displays pop-up ads and claims that it can delete pornographic images on the person's computer

1.Spybot-search and destroy-top rated anti spyware removal-immunizes your computer

2.Cyberdefender- a top rated anti-spyware program ,effective against Spyware, Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Adware, Phishing scams, Spam, and Backdoors

2. Another good one to use is SPYWAREBLASTER-doesn't scan for and clean spyware--it prevents it from being installed in the first place. SpywareBlaster prevents the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, dialers, browser hijackers, and other potentially unwanted programs. It can also block spyware/tracking cookies in IE, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, and many other browsers, and restrict the actions of spyware/ad/tracking sites.

To get access to these free software -go to the search engine GOOGLE-> type in the appropiate name-for e.g Comodo,AVG and your operating system -e.g. XP,Vista,Windows 7- and the search engine will direct you to their site most are award winning software-well known for the war against spyware,ads,trojans and keeping your PC clean and free from rogue programs and preventing hackers from gaining access to your computer.

Depending on your operating system choose the appropiate version which are compatable.

Make sure your email client does not autoload files with *exe extentions

If you use Outlook express-go to-TOOLS-->OPTIONS-->SECURITY  and in the applet  change the options:

1.Restricted site zones-(select this radio button)

2.Warn me when other applications send me an application(tick the check box)

3.Do not allow attachments to be opened that potentially that can be a virus (tick the check box)

If you are using yahoo or hotmail then it usually has its own built in protection,but usually the subscription paying accounts give you better ptrotection.


These are mass emails from frausterswho want you to give you their user name and password on Ebay or Paypal.

The email will come in a form of an threatening email  to close your account if you dont click on a link to update your account details.   Or  a alarming email that there has been illegal activity on your account ,so please update your account details.

NEVER EVER-click on any link to enter your user name and password details. Ebay or Paypal will NEVER ask your for your password.




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