Steadycup and Tableware wins Mother & Baby Gold Award

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Steadyco tableware has just received the Gold Award for 'Best Feeding Product from weaning' for 2007/2008. This is not their first award - the original Steadycup was awarded a Gold in 2006.

As a mother of four children - I thought I would put these products to the test !!!

The result - Fantastic, brilliant, a real life saver at mealtimes!!! But, does it do "what it says on the tin" - a resounding YES.

These products are really funky - and the kids love the bright colours. The cups are truly brilliant as they don't tip over - I just wish that they had them in every pub and restaurant in the land. I don't know whether it is just because I have four of them - but before we started using steadycups there was always one who spilled their drink.

The bowls are great for cereal too - no more spilled mik - and they go in the dishwasher too - which is great because all that old fashioned melamine couldn't - and you don't need extra washing up with four children!!

Infact the whole set is brilliant - it can go in the microwave (which is great for warming up milk at bedtime - and re-warming the dinner when it takes them so long to eat it.) but by far the best product from Steadyco is the cutlery. I have spent years looking for cutlery that actually works - so my children can cut up their own sausages at tea time - and this fantastic 3/4 sized cutlery really does do the job - and it fits their hands perfectly. What a find - I can recommend all of these products to any mother who has children from the age of one. The company claims "to encourage little ones to feed themselves at the table independently, properly and with as little mess as possible". I truly believe that the independence these products have offered my children takes a lot of the stress out of mealtimes - if I could only do something about the noise I may start to enjoy teatime with my kids yet!!!!

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