Steam Room Essences & VAT Invoices

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As a company who imports the raw materials and manufactures steam and sauna room essences from scratch, we are very well placed to advise on what you should be looking for and asking prior to making any sort of bid or purchase in this product area.

There are many manufacturers who advertise products which hold extremely well under strong dilution but this can be interpreted differently by different organisations and individuals. Cerberus Chemicals would advise that \only you can decide on what dilution said product can withstand before lacking the necessary quality you desire.

In addition, it is mandatory for chemical manufacturers and distributors to accompany any order with a material safety data sheet (MSDS) or COSHH document for client perusal. This is something we send out with every order automatically but not everybody does this. It is vital the information on these documents are adhered to, especially in a working environment, for health and safety reasons.

Last but not least, many buyers on eBay who purchase as a VAT registered company should keep in mind which sellers charge VAT and who don't to get the best deals. Cerberus Chemicals charge VAT and supply a VAT invoice with every order for account keeping purposes on both ends. As you know, this VAT can be reclaimed by the buyer if he/she is VAT registered. It is always worthwhile putting the question to sellers before bidding.

Cerberus Chemicals as a company would be happy to answer any of your questions on this particular product area so please get in touch if you have any.

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