Steam room buying guide

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Buying a Steam Shower

Thinking of buying a steam room? I can offer the following advice based on my experience in the trade that will hopefully help you avoid some of  the pitfalls of buying a steam room online. Always make sure you can view the item before making a purchase as it is impossible to determine the quality by pictures alone. I have seen many of these products and they all look great in the pictures but they don't always hold up to scrutiny upon closer inspection. The quality currently on the market is very variable with many products that are made to be as cheap as possible, these are often constructed to a poor standard using inferior materials. 

Make sure that the seller is established in the trade and likely to remain so in order to provide you with spares and after-sales support for your purchase. Many sellers will offer a shipment unbranded steam rooms at cut prices and then move on to new products. This has left many people requiring replacement parts for unidentifiable products. To avoid this make sure that you are buying a branded identifiable product that you will be able to source spares for if the seller does not abide by their after-sales commitments.

Make sure the seller fully understands their product and that it fully fits your requirements. if possible get a plumber to discuss the installation requirments with the seller to ensure the product is suitable.

Always check with the supplier to make sure they hold the product in stock, steam rooms are invariably imported mainly from the far east, sellers have been known to hold onto orders until they can fill a complete shipment.

Use a secure method of payment, Paypal is fine but it will only cover you for losses of up to £500.00, if possible pay by credit card as this offers you full protection against fraud. I hope you find this useful when considering your purchase however if you would like to know more about steam showers just drop us a line at





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