Sticking Rhinestones in Hair for Ballroom Dancing

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Ever wondered how you can stick Swarovski and Preciosa crystal rhinestones in your hair for your Ballroom and Latin competition or medal test?

Ever wished you could get your clip on earrings to stay in place whilst you show your best moves on the dance floor?

Here's the secret ingredient... false eyelash glue!


We've had endless success creating the most intricate designs with crystals in the hair.....just create your finished style as usual and then place little dots of eyelash glue where you want your stones to stick. You can use a matchstick or a cocktail stick - whichever you prefer - or you can even use a special little applicator brush like the ones we have in our shop

Some glues will need to go a bit tacky before you apply the stone and with some you will need to apply your stone or lace as soon as possible.


We love the Duo range -  both the surgical and non surgical!  The non surgical comes in a dark and a clear version and they just wash out of your hair - perfect.


You can use individual eyelash glue if you prefer.


Don't forget that you can also use Duo eyelash glues for sticking rhinestones on your body, too!  It's latex and rubber-based so it's really safe and easy to get on with!


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