Stoke City Football Ticket Buying Guide

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Stoke City Football Ticket Buying Guide

As one of the older football clubs in the world, the United Kingdom's Stoke City has a rich tradition. One great way to appreciate the tradition of the club is to attend a match at its home pitch in Stoke-on-Trent. The Potters, as the club is known due to the large pottery industry in its home city, has a loyal following of fans who electrify the atmosphere at Stoke City home matches. The passionate fan base, combined with the club's success, make it challenging to acquire tickets to games. For those who wish to attend a match, it helps to know how they can find tickets. Knowing basic information about the Stoke City Football Club, including its history and the stadium where the matches are held, gives fans a greater incentive to attend matches.

In addition to purchasing tickets from the organisers, Stoke City football tickets can be purchased online via eBay. In order to successfully buy tickets from the site, fans should have a comprehensive overview of the ticketing, seating, and pricing options. Lastly, knowing how to use eBay effectively ensures that they can purchase the Stoke City football tickets they want at fair prices.

Background on Stoke City Club

Knowledge of Stoke City's history helps fans appreciate the club's tradition. Additionally, being familiar with the stadium helps them choose which sections to purchase tickets for.

Club History

Stoke City Football Club may not have the worldwide renown of other Premiership clubs, but it does hold an important place in the history of the Premier League. With its origins dating to 1863, Stoke City was the second football club founded in the world. Only Notts County is older, having been founded a year prior.

Stoke City FC was originally known as the Stoke Ramblers, and the club became the Stoke Football Club in 1878. In 1888, Stoke became one of the founding members of The Football League, the first competitive association for professional football clubs in England and Wales. Stoke struggled initially in its first few decades of professional competition to stay in the top division of English football and fight bankruptcy.

Stoke experienced a period of renewal when English professional football resumed in 1919 after a five-year hiatus due to World War I. The club moved into a new stadium at Victoria Ground and remained there for nearly eight decades. In 1928, Stoke Football Club became Stoke City Football Club. Stanley Matthews became the club's first major star in the 1930s, and Stoke City enjoyed a successful period in the years before World War II.

In the decades since the war, Stoke City has experienced many ups and downs. The club was successful in the 1960s under the stewardship of Tony Waddington. It won its first major trophy when it defeated Chelsea in the 1972 League Cup Final. Stoke City spent the ensuing years sinking down to the lower divisions of the Football Association. It began its comeback in the early 1990s, achieving promotions and moving into its present home of Britannia Stadium in 1997. Stoke City finally returned to the top level of English football in 2008, winning promotion to the Premier League on the last day of the season. The club has remained there, establishing itself as a consistent mid-table finisher, appearing in the FA Cup Final in 2011, and advancing out of the 2011-12 UEFA Europa League group stage.

The Stadium

Stoke City FC moved into its current home, Britannia Stadium, in the summer of 1997. The stadium has a capacity of about 27,500 spectators, and it cost almost £15,000,000 to build. Stoke City FC was originally a joint owner of the stadium with the Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Stoke-on-Trent Regeneration Ltd. The club bought Britannia Stadium outright in 2007. Stoke City FC's home sits on a hill with a commanding view of Stoke-on-Trent, the Trent and Mersey Canal, and the River Trent that flows through it. Britannia Stadium has four sections: Boothen End on the North side, Novus Stand on the East side, Marston's Pedigree Stand on the South side, and the two-tier Q-Railing Stand on the West side. Visiting-side supporters enter Britannia Stadium through a segregated entrance at Marston's Pedigree Stand. One way to fit in with loyal home-side supporters is to wear a Stoke City football shirt to the match.

Stoke City Football Ticket Buying Information

Getting tickets Stoke City Football games can be difficult, especially at times when the team does extremely well. Knowing the ticketing and and pricing options enables fans to determine how to purchase the tickets they want to a Stoke City football match.

Ticketing Options

Those looking to buy Stoke City football tickets should be aware of the different ticketing options available, including single-match tickets, season ticket, group tickets, and hospitality packages.

Single-Match Tickets

If one wants to attend a specific match, then single-match tickets make the most sense. These are available for Stoke City's home and away matches. The club makes single-match tickets available to fans at intervals before the match takes place. Those who have purchased Stoke City club memberships have priority over the general public for purchasing tickets.

Season Tickets

In addition to single-match tickets, the Stoke City Football Club gives fans the opportunity to purchase season tickets. A season ticket is for a specific seat in Britannia Stadium for each of the club's league and playoff matches there. This is a good option for fans who want to see as many live games as possible and for those who like to entertain clients at Stoke City matches.

Group Tickets

Those planning to bring a group to a Stoke City match can receive benefits such as reduced prices per ticket, a stadium tour, a pre-game coaching session, meeting the Man of the Match, and forming the Guard of Honour to greet Stoke City players as they come on the pitch. The minimal group size to purchase group tickets is usually 10, though this can vary from season to season.

Hospitality Package

Stoke City Football Club also offers hospitality packages for entertaining clients or taking in a match in style with family and friends. The table below lists the benefits available at each of Britannia Stadium's lounges and suites.

Lounge or Suite




1863 Lounge

One-course meal; half-time refreshments; full-time refreshments

Account bar facility; minimum of two people for private table

Upper tier block 7-9

Sir Stanley Matthews Lounge

Two-course meal; half-time refreshments; full-time refreshments

Account bar facility; minimum of four people for private table

Upper tier block 6

Tony Waddington Suite

Three-course meal; half-time refreshments; full-time refreshments

Account bar facility; minimum eight people for private table; hostess

Lower tier block 14; upgrade to lower tier balcony available

Chairman's Suite

Three-course meal; half-time and full-time refreshments; champagne

All-inclusive drinks; hostess service

Director's box

Executive Suite

Two-course meal

All-inclusive drinks; private table; hostess service

Private balcony

All seating for hospitality packages is in the Q-railing Stand. Each hospitality package includes a match day magazine, team sheets, betting facility, and car-park access. The benefits included in hospitality packages may change from season to season.

Seating and Pricing

The price of a ticket for a Stoke City football match depends on the location of the seat, the quality of the opposing team, and the age of the fan purchasing the seat. Premium seating is in the Q-railing Stand, with upper-tier seats generally costing more than lower-tier seats. The Novus Stand is next in the pricing scale, followed by the Boothen End. Seats by centrefield cost more than those closer to the endlines. The better the expected quality of the opponent is, the more tickets cost. Discounts are generally available for senior citizens and youths.

How to Use eBay to Buy Stoke City Football Tickets

It is possible to buy tickets directly from the Stoke City Football Club either online or at the club's box office. You can also buy Stoke City Football Tickets on eBay. Understanding how to search for tickets and following a few important tips helps you successfully acquire the tickets you want through the website.

You can search for Stoke City football tickets from any eBay page with the search bar on it. Enter a relevant term, such as "Stoke City", into the search bar, and choose the category related to events tickets. The website then returns results based on your search term.

Tips for Buying Football Tickets on eBay

It is important to realise that British law prohibits the resale of tickets to Premiership football matches in many cases. eBay does not allow sellers to offer Stoke City football tickets on the site unless the Stoke City organisation has given those sellers permission to do so. As you get ready to purchase tickets through the website, be sure to verify that the seller is indeed authorised to make those tickets available. If a seller has not received permission from eBay to list tickets on the site, that seller is unauthorised.


Stoke City Football Club is over 150 years-old. With such a long history, The Potters have created a rich tradition and fostered a loyal fan base. Attending a Stoke City home match in Britannia Stadium is a great way to absorb this tradition and cheer on the club along with its passionate fans. The excitement of a Stoke City match at its home stadium makes buying a ticket a tough task. There are sources, however, for acquiring tickets to matches in high demand.

One source that fans can use to buy their Stoke City Football tickets is eBay. The site is a marketplace where buyers can confidently purchase tickets to the Stoke City matches they want to attend. Knowing the ticketing options, such as single-game tickets and season tickets and the pricing structure for different seating sections, helps fans determine what kind of tickets they want to buy and where they want to sit. Being familiar with Stoke City's history and stadium helps fans appreciate the experience of attending a Stoke City match. Finally, understanding the eBay buying process helps ensure that fans can see Stoke City matches live with family and friends.

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