Stolen Corsa SRi Mirrors, Beware

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Please note there are a rising number of stolen Corsa C (2003-2006) SRi mirrors appearing on ebay. Although very desirable, these mirrors are easily stolen with the right amount of brute force and are often easy to spot due to a number of suspicious signs:
  1. The mirrors come without base plates - Thieves often prise the main body of the mirror from the car as this is the quickest and easiest way to remove them. This sometimes causes damage to the body of the mirror as to remove them correctly, you need access to the inside of the car.
  2. Wires have been cut - This includes missing wiring and sometimes missing blocks and because the wiring is connected on the inside of the car, thieves snip or rip wires out to remove them quickly.

Please remember suspicious adverts like these are often too good to be true and although they are quite hard to prove as stolen, anybody with a limited mechanical knowledge can remove them safely with base plates and wiring in tact.

Base plates themselves are incredibly hard to come by and cost close to £100 to replace from Vauxhall, so stolen mirrors are false economy. Also rewiring the mirrors once the wires have been cut is difficult. All in all these mirrors are not a good investment as although they seem to save money at first, the cost of fitting them is extortionate.

To be politically correct I must add that there are genuine ebayers out there that obtained the mirrors not through theft but in such a way that they became damaged. These are unfortunately still pretty useless and will cost a large amount of money to fix. My advice would be to fork out the extra for the genuine thing, including base plates or at very least have it's wiring 100% in tact.

If the mirrors are proven to be stolen and you are in possession of them, you could be charged with theft. You will have little comeback once they have changed hands as these people are very good at disappearing when problems arise.
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