Stolen Medals traded on the open market - beware.

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Update as at Sep 2007 - Got 'em back.  7 years after I had reported them lost/stolen to the RMP at RMB Stonehouse my original medals have been returned.  They had been in the Tailor's Shop all along - and despite me checking with the Tailor and reporting my medals last seen on my Blues tunic at the Tailor's shop, the RMP section (250yds from the Tailor!) still couldn't find 'em!  No change there then!!  It took a chance question from the storeman to a WO1 buddy of mine who was just in the shop getting his medals done, for any action to take place.  Truly a case of not what you know, but who you know!  Thanks for everyone's concern over my gongs and so nice to see there are still some real bootnecks out there.  Stay safe, and as my Dad (ex 41 indep Cdo/Chosin) always used to tell me... keep yer head down, and yer arse tucked in!

Good luck to you all

Regards,  Andy
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