Stolen iPods

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These days one of the must have items to have both on the move and in the home is a MP3 player, typically the market leader is the Apple ipod. Unfortunatly as many of you know to your cost, they are very easily lost, or even worse stolen. Think about it, a good iPod is a thiefs dream, its easy to steal, and its very very easy to sell.

Unfortunatly a lot of iPOds and MP3 players end up on Ebay but with a few simple steps you can help to avoid buying a stolen one.

The very first thing of course is dont lose or have it stolen in the first place, have you every thought of having your mobile number and the words "If Lost or Stolen pls call "engraved onto the back of the casing, it only costs a quid to have done and if lost and found by an honest person and yes they are still around wouldnt it be great to get a call saying "I think I have found your iPod".

When looking on Ebay for a used iPod ask if the seller still has the original receipt and box?

Does the seller still have the original home and car chargers? Or does it only come with a cheap replacement car or home charger, as all to often a stolen ipods original charger is still in the rightful owners home.

If in any doubt dont encourage the thief, simply dont bid for it, think how long its taken you to download all those tracks onto it, and after all you wouldnt want anybody bidding for your hard earned property on the cheap now would you?

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