Stone Island Art numbers explained

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A lot of people ask me what a art number stands for on my Stone Island products so have qriten this guide to help

Take art number  451556A4

45 = The season (45 Autumn/ Winter 2006-2007 46 = Spring/Summer 2007 47= Autumn/ Winter 2007-2008 48= Spring Summer 2008 49= Autumn/ Winter 2008-2009 and so on)

15 = Stone Island (14= Stone Island denims 18 = CP Company)

5 = Type of garment (5=knitwear)

6 = Model of garment

A4 = Fabric

If a seller is not offering the art number on there advert 99% of the time this will be a fake being offered for sale

Please take due diligence when buying your items that the art number is present as paying £80+ for a fake is a lot of money for what is most times just a primark jumer with a badge on it

There are a few of us that sell authentic Stone Island gear but we are massivley outnumbered by the fake sellers out there

Buy only from trusted powersellers that offer the art numbers on thier adverts and check that they tie up with this guide

Keeping it real on eBay

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