Stone Island Fakes

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The first thing you need to remember when bidding for anything in the Stone Island range is bloody expensive clothing!!! Hence , it can make BIG money for anyone unscrupulous. Basically, NO ONE can afford to sell ANY kind of stone Island jacket for £50 or less, brand new!! Unless it's nicked! It would be like me saying I sell genuine, 2006 Paul Smith or Armani suits for £50??? Again not likely, unless I robbed the warehouse!! And even then, unlikely. If you want to buy genuine, goto an approved high street store, or look at ebayers selling used, good condition goods. These are usually more genuine as the seller is trying to make a bit of cash from a wardrobe clear out etc

Check the Feedback! Generally these people will have a few negatives-And chances are they will be about fake goods. Generally the seller will reply with some crap about non payment etc. They're just muddying the water.

All these fake sellers will have at least some negative feedback about fakes.

DON'T LINE THE POCKETS OF SOME GUY WHO'S BOUGHT A LOAD OF COUNTERFEIT GOODS  FROM THAILAND!!! EBAY IS FULL OF IT!! If it's BNWT, and costs less than 25%  of the high street, they are full of s**t!!

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