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The first thing to understand is that most businesses don't get the best prices for their energy, instead they are satisfied with the best prices that a broker can get for them, and some businesses just stick with their current energy supplier and get stuck with an expensive continuance of contract.

If you Google the word Energy Broker... it will bring up over 18-million searches. You could think of them working in this an insurance broker, a typical energy broker will have contracts with a range of suppliers - these suppliers offer them either a standard price book or access to spot market prices; Or, they can be independent brokers and will go for the cheapest that they have to offer. They will often go with a common supplier because of the location of that supplier which might make it cheaper to distribute the energy to your area if they (the supplier) are close (to you).

A broker’s role is also to present your energy prices and the competing prices in a format that you will understand. The other thing brokers can advice on is the terms and conditions that support a contract from a supplier and either point out any caveats of the agreement, or offer advice on the terminology used by the industry.

You could do this yourself, but it’s often very time consuming to obtain quotes from a wide range of suppliers, and then difficult to compare these against your current prices or other suppliers offers. Remember though, that it's always good to have them compete against each other; this is about saving your business money, so let them fight over your contract.

In return for aggregating energy supplier’s quotes, an energy broker will either charge a fixed one off fee, or more likely they will include a small level of commission that’s built into your quote, which they would then raise an invoice directly to the supplier for this amount. This is why you need to compare brokers. One might need a higher markup, or be greedier than the other; they will 'mark up' what they think you will pay.

As the market has become more complicated, so has the demand for professional energy brokering services. Some figures now indicate that at least 60% of business in the UK will use an energy broker to either obtain prices and contracts for them.

Because the demand for these services have increased so has the opportunity for new brokers services and energy consultant company’s. If you want a great price, from a consultant that's got excellent prices from the big six energy suppliers, you would do well to contact a consultant that will take good care of you for years to come, email for more details...Contact Chocolateeclaire1

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