Stove Glass Replacement - Facts

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Is Stove Glass Toughened ?

Contrary to popular belief, ceramic stove glass is not !
Stove glass has been carefully developed to  a thermal expansion coefficient close to zero, this unique quality and ceramic composition  ensure glass remains intact even with rapid changes in appliance temperature. 

Damaged / Cracked Stove Glass ?

You probably wondered why your newly installed stove glass cracked minutes after installation or even in summer when fire is not in use?

Replacing stove glass is easy like most DIY tasks,  primary components of a regular stove door includes :
Stove glass, stove glass seal/gasket and stove door seal aka rope seal.
  • Most common - over tightening screws/clips during installation. 
  • Choosing the correct seals is vital, obviously incorrect size seals will not only prevent your stove door from shutting properly but also puts you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning - Be safe choose correct size diameter seals !
  • Glass retaining clips and screws over time expands and contract on glass resulting in damage.
  • Logs can impact on glass whilst burning - do not overload your stove in excess, feed your fire gradually as required.
  • Cleaning stove glass with concentrated chemical agents is good, refer to recommended stove glass cleaners below .
It is important to replace stove-seals when installing new glass, refer to our stove seal section for a huge range of stove seals and gaskets or click images below.
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