Straight Bar Your GSXR1000, Sportsbike

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Hi, ever get home after a 4 or 5 hour long ride and feel like youv'e been kicked by a horse, maybe old injuries starting to take there tole on you or maybe your just an old git now! Maybe a bandit or similar bike would be more appropriate but would probably get the piss taken out of you by your mates.

Been there done that, why not do what i did and since i have done it a few other people just from seeing my bike have followed suit. I have a GSXR1000 K4 but it started to cause me problems with aches and pains after a long day out so i started to look at Aprillia Tuono's (pricey) and then thought its only a mille with straight bars, why not do the same to my Gixxer.

So looked around the net and found a company called Jester's who would supply the whole kit, Renthal ultra low bars, a new top yolk to take the bars and is a direct replacement for your old one, slightly longer brake lines and also as much info as you desire. The only downside to the yolk is it is a slighly different shape to the original and my ohlins 916 style damper wouldn't go back on so had to mount it under the yolk again (standard).

On the GSXR1000 the only mods you have to make is to the screen, just round off the edges so on lock to lock the bars dont hit but you can trim a bit at a time then shape it when clear and sand it smooth then cover it with a screen trim, also you have to reroute the throttle cables and clutch cable but its all self explanitory as you go through the process. Also the electric cables need to be loosened to make them slightly longer by lifting the tank and removing the airbox to undo the clips that hold the cables behind the headstock they just pull out of there holes and give about an extra 2" in length. Or for the GSXR1000 K3-K4 Jester's do a ride in ride out service for i think it was £65.

All in all its not a difficult job if youv'e got a bit of common sense and some decent tools and arnt afraid to get stuck in and its the satisfaction at the end. Just be warned tho you will need some security torque keys they are the ones with the star shaped end and the hole in the end these are to remove the ignition barrel bolts from the top yolk, i just put some normal allen bolts back in with thread lock.

The amount of interest my bike now draws because of the conversion out of pure interest and also people wanting to do the same with there bike and not just GSXR1000's either is unbelievable, so is the comfort from the upright riding position and you dont really get that much more wind blast either.  All together i think it cost me for the parts about £275 and i haven't looked back.

A lad who spoke to me about my bike had a blade 2002 and in the end took it to Jester's for the treatment and they charged him £360 i think he said all in, not bad for a ride in ride out service.

If anybody has any question's just get in touch, save yourself thousands dont change your bike change your bars and still have your pride and joy with the power you still want and also the comfort you derserve.

Please give me a vote if its been of any use to you.

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