Straighten Out Bent Plastic Miniatures

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Over the years I have bought and sold a lot of mostly pre-painted miniatures; Mage Knight, Dungeons and Dragons, Heroclix, Pathfinder Battles, Arcane Legions, Axis and Allies, Rackham Confrontation and AT-43. I'm too lazy to paint my own and so I'd much rather buy the ready painted ones. But isn't it frustrating when you get plastic miniatures that are all out of shape like this; with curvy swords, wonky lightsabers, in strange, eye-watering poses or leaning at drunken angles? The solution is simple. Boil the kettle and pour boing water into a mug until it's nearly full. Immerse each offending mini in the water, one at a time (using tweezers to be on the safe side) and then remove it from the water, quickly bend the miniature into the right shape and then hold for a few seconds until it cools down and sets in the desired position. Obi-wan's back in action with a straight lightsaber, the gnoll has now got a proper looking axe, instead of one that looks like it's made of rubber and the leaning soldier is now standing up straight. If your water gets cold;  heat it up again in the microwave for a minute. Simples!
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