Stress Busting Top Tips!! Be Healthy & Reduce Stresses

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Here are some helpful tips. Reduced Stress is an easy way of improving the quality of your life at home and at work and can often really help you accomplish your goals in life:

Stress Busting Tip - Exercise!   
Regular exercise will improve your mood and health. You can experience the stress beating benefits without pounding the treadmill everyday, 20 minutes or brisk walking three times a week will help reduce stress as well as promoting restful sleep.
Stress Busting Tip - Take a Break! 
Take regular breaks from your work to reduce fatigue and improve concentration. Have a drink and a healthy snack to keep your energy levels constant.
Stress Busting Tip - Work / Home Balance  
Set yourself a fixed time beyond which you do not stay at work. Don't take work home every night and ensure you create a cut of time for your activity.
Stress Busting Tip - Priorities  
It can be difficult to organise your time and manage all your tasks. Make a list of all the things that you need to do and sort them into order of genuine importance. Sort out what needs to be done immediately and what can be done next week or next month. Delegate tasks where possible and don't be afraid to ask for help.
Stress Busting Tip - Talk  
Discuss your issues and concerns with a colleague, good friend or partner. Ask for impartial advice regarding any problems that you may be experiencing, they may be able to offer advice and solutions.
Stress Busting Tip - Communication  
Preparation and rehearsal are the key to a stress free presentation. If they are done correctly, presentations are a quick and effective way of communicating a plan, selling a concept or monitoring progress.
Stress Busting Tip - Identity  
Shredders can be useful at home as well as in the office. Fraudsters can use your personal details to steal your identity. Make sure you destroy items such as bank or credit card statements, chequebook stubs, till receipts that give your credit card or debit card details and any documents that someone could use as identification.
Stress Busting Tip - Planning Ahead  
If your printer runs out of ink during an important report - can you obtain a spare one quickly? Carrying stock on a small number of key products can help reduce the need for a last minute rush.
Stress Busting Tip - Sore Eyes  
Staring at a VDU encourages eye strain and may trigger tiredness and headaches in susceptible people. Take a regular break by adjusting your eyes and looking into the distance. Use soothing eye drops to cool your eyes.
Stress Busting Tip - Positive Images  
Surround yourself with positive images! Put pictures or photos around you of objects or people that make you feel positive.
Did you know?.. Left Handed  
If you are left handed, use a pigment liner rather than a fountain pen. It's ink dries much faster so the letters won't smudge anymore while you are writing.
Stress Busting Tip - Activity Log  
If you are short of time, keeping a log of everything you do for a week can be helpful. This will help you to identify time wasting and unproductive habits. Reorganising your time will enable you to be more effective and give you more time to relax.

Stress Busting Tip - Teamwork!  
Always ensure that you get the best results by working together towards a common goal.
Stress Busting Tip - Set Priorities   
   Organise your time so you do the things that are most important to you first.
Stress Busting Tip - Take a break  
   Often, taking a break during stressful times can help you feel rejuvenated and more ready to deal with challenges.
Stress Busting Tip - Change!  
   Embrace changes and look for innovative ways of improving your work and home life.

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I hope this helps you to be a bit less stressed in your life!!


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