Strider Balance bikes

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We purchased our Strider balnce bike from Munchkipumpkin ebay seller in 2010. I have to say that in the time our son has had the bike, it has really proved its worth. He was able to use it from the moment it came out of the box. The saddle and handlebars are so adjustable, the Strider bike can be made to fit the smallest of toddlers. We soon realised that he was going to need a helmet, but fortunately, the seller also sold these through their shop at Because we had purchased the bike from them, they did us a good deal on the helmet. The Strider balance bike allows children to learn to ride a bike more instinctively than a pedal bike. They are able to concentrate on developing balance and steering without worrying about pedalling or using the brake. The Strider bike we purchased didn't come with a brake, but we intend to buy a Strider footbrake when our son is a little older. By now, he is doing well on the bike (weather permitting). Because the Strider balance bike is so light, he can carry it from place to place. He can also keep up with his older sister on her bike far easier than on a tricycle. I can hightly recommend the Strider Prebike to other parents as an excellent choice for a first bike that comes with free postage and bell at for only £79.99 which will save you even more money.
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