Stylish Ways to Dress Up a Men's Armani T-Shirt

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The ubiquitous men's T-shirt has become a staple of men's wardrobes around the world and it is easy to understand why. Comfortable and made from soft fabrics, the T-shirt is easy to pull on with a pair of jeans and accepted almost anywhere. However, if a man wants to stand out from the crowd, he can create an individual style by dressing up his Armani T-shirt.


Add a Blazer

The addition of a blazer or men's Armani jacket over a T-shirt is a great way to dress up. An easy style to put together and pull off, a blazer or jacket can instantly transform a jeans and T-shirt outfit into a well-fitting and interesting ensemble. Whether the T-shirt is solid, graphic, or striped is not a problem with a good, well-made jacket.


Pull on a Waistcoat

Wearing a men's Armani waistcoat over a T-shirt can create a similar look to wearing a blazer. The addition of the waistcoat instantly gives a sharper and more distinct look to any man. Adding an air of sophistication, the waistcoat still maintains a casual vibe. The look works quite well with solid colours as it creates a smart, yet casual look. On the other hand, a graphic T-shirt, and an unbuttoned waistcoat can present a rocker and indie look. Especially good in the heat of summer, a waistcoat adds style without adding layers of unwanted warmth.


Wear Something Other Than Jeans

Jeans are comfortable, casual, and easy to wear, but the jeans and T-shirt look tends to blend into a crowd. Try a pair of men's Armani chino pants and the outfit acquires a smarter more put-together look. When you combine the chinos and T-shirt with a waistcoat or jacket, the look becomes stylish and up-to-date and draws attention to you as an individual. For more ideas it might also be worth searching a contemporary fashion collection, such as Yeezy by Kanye West.


Accessories Add Individuality

For an edgier look, or to add a touch of creative style, adding accessories is a great way to make a T-shirt and jeans combo look a good deal more appealing. Adding a neck chain is a brilliant way to draw the eye, as are scarves and bracelets. Hats can also change a look and become your signature style, making your look stylish no matter what which men's Armani T-shirt you prefer.


Forget the Advertisement

There is a time and place to support your team, school, or lifestyle. Wear the advertising to the game, but for a night out leave the sponsor shirts at home and go for solid or striped T-shirts with well-fitted trousers and clean and polished shoes.

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