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'Style Tips'

♥Investing in a piece of jewellery can be the biggest style statement for any style or fashion confidant. Wearing jewellery layered with other ornaments over Black & white, black or white can be most flattering on anyone. Pair silver over gold, beads over metal, diamonds over wrist watches. Jewellery is all about who you are and your attention to detail, whether, for everyday wear or for an event. Look for great pieces, you can add your personal touch and show versatility to your style as well as your personal wardrobe.
Investing in known designer jewellery or pieces that simply look magnificent can help you to define but many outfits. 

The Statement band ring is one which will always be around until the end of time, versatile and wearable with almost anything, from midi length skirts, cigarette pants, to soft silk tops to more durable denim on denim. You cannot go wrong with the statement band ring. Look for the perfect piece and thickness, the thinner the band the more elegance it screams, gold on gold, white gold, mixed metal, diamonds or silver. This piece is one that will surely see you through many stylish happenings. ♥


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