Suitable toys for toddler boys

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My top 5 toys for toddler boys.

1..thomas the tank engine push along trains. 
My son loves these toys and can quite happily sit there for hours pushing them from one side of the room to the other. Find one here.
2..fisher price pull along dog. 
This is a classic toy that I remember having as a kid it's simplicity is great. It squeeks as you pull its along which surprisinly doesn't get boring. Find one here.
3..ikea road play mat. 
Perfect to team up with the push along friends  it's doesnt take much imagination to make this come alive and it's suitable for all ages my son is 18 months old and loves it. He knows to drive along the roads and 'beep beep' at the lights! Find one here.
4..classic wooden train set. 
Its amazing how quite This can keep him!! He apsoluty loves it ive brought him lots More trains and track for Christmas so hopefully we can build it up and fix it onto a board for hours of fun  the range of trains you can get is amazing too they can range from £3 to £100 so will fit into everyone's budget. Find some here.
 5.. Finally.... The Smart trike
He loves this although it's now in storage for the winter. Come summer he will have the frame taken off so can ride like a toddler should. I love how it grows with the child ranging from 10-36 months  so extremely versatile. Not the cheapest things but severely worth it as they last such a long time a defo worthy investment. Find one here.

please be aware this is a guide for personal gains. 
All Opinions are my own and do own all of the above products. 
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