Summer Poke Suprise

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Summer Items - Wholesale + Intro

     Hello UK Poke Collectors, I have been collecting Pokemon products for 20 years now, and I am still collecting it. We are currently selling half of our collections to our UK collectors or kids for trading! This summer, we link to wholesale activities, which we are selling booster boxes, bundles etc. Also expanding to Yu-gi-oh, Yokai Watch and different branding trading cards or other items.
     We have our own tiny warehouse in Swansea, we store brand new booster boxes, products, and other stuff inside there. Pokemon cards are stored in our store garage, they kept neat and protect with sleeves on a bookshelf.
     We tries to offer the lowest amount that we can, as we need to keep some money for profit needs, ebay expensive fee, paypal fee and our store facilities. Please do follow our store items, as we are now more onto a bigger market (expanding), soon will spread to Europe. We got a store in Hong Kong which they produce plush toys, and pokemon items. But the cards are from USA and Japan.
      If you have any questions, do message us and one of our 5 members will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any ideas or products thet you want us to list out, feel free to suggest! 
      Have a great summer holiday!
SWF Pokemon Cards Store
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