Sunbed /Tanning Lotions Extra Price-Extra Protected!

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I have been using sunbeds for the last few years on and off and always used a renowned ebay power seller for buying my Swedish Beauty Chocolate Silk :he  was an excellent GENUINE seller but sadly left due to all the ebay changes :0( .As he was such a trusted seller and all his tanning lotions were GENUINE it was a real loss for me and many other regular buyers as well as costing much more to buy Swedish Beauty Chocolate Silk in my local salon as it was/is nearly £50 for a 250ml bottle :expensive yes ..the best? well i used to think so but began to try different brands such as Australian Gold and more recently a new brand i,d never heard of before called Kava Kava ( not quite as good as Australian Gold nor Swedish Beauty but it still does the job : it really all depends on how quickly and how dark you want your tan to be and of course how advanced you are /how often you use sunbeds.

  I,ve tended to stick with Australian Gold as although not the cheapest ,it,s the next best thing to Swedish Beauty. Always looking for a bargain on ebay, i recently bought 2 Australian Gold bottles ,one Accelerator Gelee and the other Browning Fury both of which i had tried in sachet sizes previously so knew i was getting a fantastic bargain when i bid and won both 250ml bottles for under £5!..or so i thought!! Despite being described as NEW and looking NEW in the photographs ,they arrived very much USED (with a "crust" around the top ..yuch) but i thought ,well i still got a bargain as i was also refunded as the seller hadn,t even sent them until i opened a paypal dispute nearly 2 weeks later! I was horrified to find that the Browning Fury bottle is NOT even genuine and the Accelerator most probably was /is the same :0( : the Browning Fury cream stinks of perfume and it,s obvious that it has been "tampered" with  with some sort of cheap ,perfumed  moisturisier :this was confirmed by my local tanning salon who know their "bottoms from their elbows" so to speak .The seller, GREENTRACTOR20   has not responded to my emails and i am dismayed that ebay allow a POWER SELLER ,who states in their listing that they are NOT a business despite being registered as one ,to sell such a fake product especially as it could contain very harmful chemicals as goodness knows what it consists of ???!! ( i,m not really wanting to find out as the smell is suffice enough to prove it is NOT Australian Gold.

  The moral of my review is PLEASE be very careful when purchasing products such as Australian Gold or any other sunbed tanning lotions or indeed any product which you would use on your skin : CHEAP DOESN,T MEAN QUALITY! and your skin is a very delicate ,senseitive organ ( it,s the body,s biggest organ ). When buying products such as Australian Gold ,etc always ensure it is from a reputible supplier even if it costs that bit extra ,it,s better to be safe than sorry. It was too late by the time i used the Accelerator Australian Gold that i also bought in the "bargain" as i thought it looked and smelled okay and it may just be the Browning Fury that was fake but unfortunately after using the sunbed in my local tanning salon and applying the lotion, not only did i get burned after using the bed for  only 6minutes ( i NEVER burn) but i also broke out in a rash ... NOT prickly heat but a rash : in all the years i,ve been using sunbeds i,ve NEVER had any problems so can safely say that the lotion caused the rash as well as causing me to burn when it should have accelerated my tan as it,s meant to do or would have ,had it been GENUINE! I,m now using Vaseline Intensive Care lotion ( the real deal) and Calomine Lotion on the rash and burns :0( There,s a lot to be said for Fake Bake and spray tans ...but that,s for another time!

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