Super Mario World Review

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Super Mario World
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Super Mario World

Super Mario World

If any game is synonymous with the Super Nintendo, it's this one. Bundled with the console, Super Mario World was a showcase for the SNES's enhanced graphics and stereo audio. The adventure taking place across seven huge worlds made up of seventy two individual levels. The power ups introduced in Super Mario 3 were reworked, keeping the classic Fire Flower but replacing the Racoon Leaf with the Cape Feather which allowed Mario to fly across the level with a magic cape. Most importantly Super Mario World added Yoshi. Not only could Mario climb on the back of his dinosaur chum, but each colour Yoshi had its own special ability. Packed with secrets and special zones and warps, Super Mario World was the biggest and most ambitious platform game ever released to that point, and even now it's one of the finest still. Nintendo owes its popularity to Mario and chums. For me Super Mario is the best game to ever be released and I cannot see it topped by any platform game – even Sonic.
Nowadays we are in the realm of first person shooters, racing games, sports games etc. – which are all great and appeal to the masses, however I believe you will not find a better platform game that stands up over 20 years and keeps getting re-released in one form or another on all consoles that Nintendo release. This is available to download on the Wii and to buy on the Gameboy Advance and DS consoles.
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