Super Rope Cinch

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Just Right Products UK & Europe Ltd

Just Right Products are the exclusive importer to Europe of the Super Rope Cinch. We have designed a range of products which make it easier to use the Super Rope Cinch straight away, without any worry about what type or thickness of rope will work with it.  You have a choice of buying only the Super Rope Cinch as a single or multiple item or with set lengths of rope.  The short length of rope at 60cm long could be used for tying bicycles on to a rack, wood, furniture or ladder to the roof of a car.  The other rope lengths are 3.5mtrs, 7 mtrs, or 2 x 5mtrs.
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The accessories we have packaged separately are the 2 x 5 mtr ropes, 4 stainless steel hooks, 4 stainless steel rope thimbles and 2 sizes of cargo net.
The 2 x 5mtr ropes are for use anywhere, they could be used with the rope thimbles and some Super Rope Cinches to create a pulley system in a garage or shed roof.  Using this to easily pull a ladder or canoe up into that space and tie it off under tension and release easily under tension - Without tying knots!   The hooks with the longer lengths of rope and Super Rope Cinches can be used to tie many things including being able to use the holes that are inside every van. They can also be used to hook under a side of a trailer that has no tie down fixings. The cargo nets are for use with the Super Rope Cinch and each one has either 4 or 6 Super Rope Cinch in the pack. The nets have short ropes at the corners and middle on the larger one, to make it easy to tie down. These can be used on trailers, roof racks or in the backs of vans. If set up vertically they can make a temporary bulkhead or used to secure a mixed load of boxes or goods.

The hooks have another great use in conjunction with the existing locking mechanism on the boot of your car.  To secure the boot with a large protruding load, with the boot lid open push the hook against the mechanism, the lock will close.  It may have two positions, push until it clicks twice.  Minding your fingers at all times. When the lock is fully "locked" with the boot lid still open, you can feed the long arm of the hook through the hole and then use the loop on the hook to feed your rope through.   Thread the rope through the other part of the lock, on the frame of the vehicle.  Then it is easy to tie the boot lid down and just as easy to untie.  More information and images to show this and many other ways can be found on our website which is superropecinch [dot]co [dot]uk 
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