Superbit DVDs Fake or Genuine??

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This i my first guide so, please bear with me. Firstly i recently purchased a 'promotional' Superbit from an Ebay member, and to be quite frank was shocked at what i received.So i thought i'd write a few lines and explain to anyone that was unsure of what superbits actually are.

Superbits were introduced so all the information space on a dvd would be available(and made use) for the sole purpose of getting the best sound and image from a standard dvd. They generally have higher bitrates than a standard dvd because of this.

A few pointers to make sure they are genuine.

  1. All official Superbits have a Dolby Digital and DTS soundtrack as standard!!! This was one of the main selling points of the Superbit range.
  2. If you do buy one and in the case that i bought, run the DTS sountrack and they will be for some inexplainable reason, a foriegn voice-over on top of the english track!!!It'll sound like an extremely poor dubbed film!
  3. To my knowledge Disney never signed theirs or Pixar releases to the superbit range.
  4. Neither did George Lucas, the seller i dealt with had all 6 Star Wars on promotional Superbit.
  5. NO 'official' Superbit has any additional features what so ever.That was the point of them.
  6. The promotional ones have the collection on the back of them, showing you what's supposedly available.On all the official superbits i own which i have both Region 1 and 2, there's no sign of this so called advertising.

I seriously hope this helps any questions anyone may have regarding Superbits. Please if anyone find this helpful then state so, so that others are more than likely to take my warning. 

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