Superchip Bluefin second hand buyer beware

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There are many of these engine tuning units for sale second hand at apparent bargain prices however be very careful if you are considering buying one. The Bluefin unit 'locks' itself to the car on which it was first used and it can’t be used one any other car unless Superchips re-set it.
I checked the cost for this yesterday  (5th Aug 2009) with Superchips. (based on Ford Focus ST225) If you are not the original owner the unit will cost  £280.60 to re-set  including return carriage from superchips (but excluding cost of sending it to them). It’s cheaper if the original owner has the re-set done (£173.65) but Superchips wont do it at this price unless you can prove you are the original owner. Prices are lower for some models but for all types the second hand re-setting fee is over 70% of the new purchase price.
Many people selling these things 'forget' to mention the requirement to re-set. Even the guys who do mention it often quote misleading costs (typically £100 - £150). The true cost of re-setting means that the second hand unit is of very little or no value unless it’s already been re-set. You may be able to save a few quid overall if you can get one second hand for £20. Even so if spending over £300 I’d rather spend an extra £50 and get a brand new unit with full warrantee etc.
Buyer beware, do your homework before buying.

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