Supplies to Make your Guinea Pig Feel Comfortable

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Supplies to Make your Guinea Pig Feel Comfortable

Guinea pigs need good food, great friends, and a roomy flat to feel comfortable. Hay is essential to digestion and dental hygiene, and fresh vegetables can spice things up in the food bowl. In addition, a big cage with bars instead of glass allows a guinea pig to better hear and smell you. As social animals, they like to know what you are up to when they are not engaged burrowing or eating salad.

Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is a fibrous, dried perennial grass. Its nutritional content helps your guinea pig digest food. In addition, guinea pigs chew the hay, wearing down their teeth and preventing uncomfortable and potentially fatal dental problems. Alfalfa hay is also available for small pets, but it is too high in calcium to for adult guinea pigs. Instead, pet owners should give their pigs fresh timothy hay in abundance. Remember to check with a veterinarian before changing a pet's food.


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

You probably enjoy a varied diet of meats, produce, and dairy. Guinea pigs love variety too, so experts recommend providing them with leafy greens and the occasional fruit treat in addition to a well-balanced dietary pellet. Guinea pigs need plenty of vitamin C, which is found in kale, mustard greens, and Romaine lettuce. You can also mix in tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers, just like a salad for humans. Kiwi, melon, and bananas can be offered in small amounts as treats. Experiment to see what your guinea pig prefers in addition to its standard, commercial guinea pig food.


Large Guinea Pig Cage

Many people make the mistake of providing an unfortunately tiny cage for their guinea pig. Even popular pet stores sometimes recommend cages of inappropriate sizes. For a happy, comfortable guinea pig, get a cage that is at least 2.5 square meters. For two guinea pigs living in the same cage, go for a cage that is least 10 square meters. Big cages are important to preventing boredom and aggression, especially among cohabiting guinea pigs. Do not get an aquarium; like you, guinea pigs enjoy everyday sounds and smells, and aquariums severely restrict their ability to smell and hear the world around them.

Toys and Time with You

Guinea pigs are social creatures that need to run around, play, and interact with others. Pet owners can supervise play in small, easily cleaned places like on the bathroom floor. Small boxes and paper bags are some toys a guinea pig might like to poke around in. Avoid exercise balls; guinea pigs are too big to safely use them and can injure their spine or feet doing so.

Water Bottle

All guinea pigs need a drip water bottle. Give your guinea pig fresh water every day, just like you would a dog or cat. This is important to keeping a healthy and happy guinea pig. Avoid putting anything in the water, like vitamins or medicine, unless instructed to do so by a veterinarian.

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