Surf shorts sizes.

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Just a quick note to let people know about surf shorts; especially sizes.

I speak from experience after buying items from EBay and the High Street ( due to me being too idiotic to try things on first!!!!)

When buying these items, it's always advisable to buy the next size up, as they measure quite small. I've found that a label size 12 is actually a small 10 or sometimes an 8!! Depends on the brand; Adidas is one example of this sizing.

 I like my surfs to be a baggy so I sometimes buy two sizes up!! and because of the velcro fastenings on some of them,along with the ties, you're guaranteed a good fit around the waist, whilst at the same time no pinching around the hips or your "bits".

If you have a straight figure,with not much curve, then men's surfs are ideal. My friend has a skinny straight frame (Grrrr!) and finds that womens shorts flap around her hips; by chance she found a pair of  mens surfs in a charity shop, so tried them on. Voila!! perfect fit... so now she buys only mens surfs. Also, mens shorts go by waist sizes, so you know how big they're going to be beforehand; especially as women today are bigger and have 34 inch waists as standard. Only snag I can see is if you're quite curvy, then mens surfs will probably be too tight around the hips.

I also advise checking out sizes in a shop first; try things on, especially different brands, as a 12 in one brand may be a 10 in another; then make a note of the brands so you know what will fit when you bid on Ebay. Try mens surfs on as well: You may get some strange looks, but at least you'll have an idea if they'll suit your frame better. Once you know what fits well, this'll save the hassle/expense of returning things etc,( and that's only if you can; as alot of sellers don't accept returns nowadays.)

And mens surfs on Ebay are much more colourful and cheaper than most of the womens listed.




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