Suzuki GS1000

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Want a classic that handles better than the iconic Kawasaki Zeds and cost less. Well the Suzuki GS1000/850 range is way to go it may not have the street cred that the Zeds have but they are a better bike. Suzuki were a bit sly with their offering. They looked at the problems the Zeds were having and corrected the faults in their bikes (Stiffer frames, sorted camchain tensioner to name a few). So you have a bike that handles better than the Zeds (in standard form). They came in various guess from the basic chain drives 'E' version through to the 'S' slightly sporty version and even a shaft drive 'G' version that works (changes gear). The main weakness in the GS1000/850 range is the electrics, but saying that many owners have cured this problem by replacing the offending items with modern reliable replacement from firms such as Electrex. However bear in mind that these bike's are now all around 25 years old. So condition is important as some parts are now longer avaiable on the body work side. Original exhausts are like hens teeth, but after market systems are avaiable, but you will tend to be going the 4 into 1 route rather than the original style of the 4 into 2 systems.

My choice/ My bike is the Suzuki GS1000G (shaft drive). Almost as quick as the chain version (125mph + clocked by a fireblade) with one less part to maintain and tend to have been less heavily used/abused in their early days. Have seen these go for as little as £700 unto £2000+. So grab a bargain whilst this appreciating classic is still cheep.

Oh almost forgot Suzuki have a fantastic web site with very helpful knowledgable people if you get stuck with a problem. Or drop me a line I will be more than happy to advise

P.S My GS1000G is just about to go down the rebuild road keeping looks as standard but with a breathed on motor (Big bore kit worked head pumper carbs and a hand built 4 into 2 exhaust to exract maximum oomph) have aquired all the bits over the last few years just need to put it together.

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