Suzuki x90 buyers guide

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The Suzuki is a small two seater vehicle with removable glass tops a decent sized boot and 1.6 petrol engine.
It comes either in rear wheel drive or optional 4wd, and also automatic or manual.
It will do about 30-36 mpg but the road tax is a whopping £225 a year.
Tank size is 42 litres and power is around 95bhp, top speed is around 95mph

Try to buy the lowest mileage you can and one with a recent mot, I would avoid ones with 3 months mot or less unless you looking for a spares car.
Most come with electric windows, central locking, anti lock brakes, air bags, 5 speed manual or 4 speed Auto, some also came with air con and cd changer units, rare still is the versions with leather seats, bull bars, body kits seems Suzuki has quite and extensive option list for these little cars so you never know what your going to get. 
This is a car you need to look at 1st before you buy, even things like the blinds missing for the T tops should cause a decrease in price as you cant find them and when the sun is dazzling it makes driving difficult.

Standard wheel size is 195/65 x 15 but some way have bigger tyres, or even smaller as common practice was to put Suzuki wide boy wheels on the x90 which are wider but lower profile.

These cars are very rare with only a small number remaining thought to be in the hundreds with the 4wd being even rarer, although prices of them are very poor in the UK with the American market fairing much better, A decent 4wd version with low miles and in good condition can be bought for less then £800, the 2wd even less than that.
These cars like most are not without there faults and being rare some parts are not easy to get and you may find that many owners have more than one x90 for that reason, parts car and good running version.

Things to check with the x90, these little cars will do incredible high miles without many problems, recently one was on eBay with 175k miles having been owned by the same person for 13 years .

The glass T tops are removable, but the rubber seals on these also perish and leak into the cabin, you cant get new ones and most get repaired using some sort of sealant check your car is nice and dry and just the condition of the  T top seals, repaired ones are common so don't let it put you off, if they have not been repaired and look to be sagging then banter with price and check for wet floors.

The electric windows are a common problem, they just stop working, motors pack in, you can get them from some old Toyota Camry's rear doors and the odd ones come up on eBay but they not easy to get hold off, and if you need the regulator then that's another problem, Suzuki wants £300 for these new and again its another reason why most x90 owners have two of them. 

Engine wise you just need to look out for the normal things, has it been serviced, cam belt change, ignition system has been changed recently and it should be ok, have heard problems with air flow sensors o2 sensors and the pesky check light coming on for no reason but this involves a quick check of what ever code turns up on a diagnostic scanner (most hand held ones work) looking the code up and dealing with it.

The 4wd drive version is a great little thing, its mind boggling where it will go combined with the right tyres, you can go daft and add lifting kits bigger wheels etc. think sky is the limit, I think the 4wd system is pretty bullet proof, but I have heard of problems with the gearbox failing or the car not going into 4wd so best test these fully before buying. 

Rust, bodywork wise the x90 doesn't suffer much from the tin worm, underneath and brake lines are its weakest point and you should check these very carefully.

Suspension, anti roll bars etc. these like most cars can fail, if the x90 you are buying is 4wd and its been used off road have a good look at all the suspensions main components for wear and tear.  

Electrics, already covered the windows but some of the switch gear can also stop working and not easy to get a spare, In my one I have already wired up screen wash to a different switch as steering column one failed, Central locking can fail sometimes again just try everything works before you buy.

In general the x90 is not a bad car, Its not got a great reputation mainly based on its looks, but its as reliable as any other mid 90's Japanese car and its really just having a good look over the car your going to buy, bearing in mind that you may not just get that pesky part you need easily, however most serviceable items, brakes, springs, shocks,filters, ignition parts are still available, just don't crack your wind screen !!

Driving the x90 is ok for a short while, not what I would call the best long distance traveller, short distance is fine, I bought mine for winter transport and driving up forest roads and its great for that, I sit about 50mph as it seem happiest at that speed, but I do have larger off road tyres on mine, plus its small enough to park out the way, its a bit noisy, cramped and if you over 6ft2 you may not even fit in it.

Should you buy one ?
If you just after a bit of fun or like me emergency winter get to work transport then the 4wd one is the one to get, the 2wd version I really cant see the attraction of owning, Its expensive to road tax, not great on fuel and space inside is not great and its 2wd so kind of misses the point, if you thinking about carrying a load of stuff with you then probably not the best car either, boot is ok a bit shallow and the spare wheel is in there , interior space is very poor, has glove box but that's it, I have like most do fitted a universal centre console to put my phone in etc. 

Hope this helps you decide on your choice of x90 or not,  
Oh and by the way, to open the bonnet go to the glove box feel about the top of left hand side and you will find the bonnet catch.          
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