Suzuki's Fall Apart :-[

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Just thought i would share this experiance with you all, because if you own a SUZUKI GSXR 600 / 750 / 1000 you just might be interested. The back end of last season 07 me and about 10 mates were out on one of our usual runs when we came to spot where we usually stop for the smokers of our group to gas us all, one lad on a GSXR 600 said his fairing was loose on closer inspection one of the bolts that holds the main fairing bracket to the headstock on the bike and holds all the top fairing on had come loose, but luckily not all the way out so he was able to retighten it, of course the jokes about crappy suzukis were flying about..Yeah a month later the same happened to another lad on a GSXR 600 which lead all those who were on GIXERS to check there fairing bolts.

So another season starts this year and the bolt problem is forgotten till 3 week ago that is, when it was my turn to get the treatment, but not only did mine come loose on my GSXR 1000 K4 the bloody thing came out all together, so my fairing was bouncing about like a couple of 34DD's.. When i finally came to a stop i had to take a bolt out of the bottom of the forks that hold your spindle tight just to get me home. When i got home and looked at the bolts i found that SUZUKI DID NOT USE ANY THREAD LOCK on the bolts YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED check your fairing bolts that hold the top fairing bracket to the headstock and use some THREAD LOCK on them before its too late. I took the bolts out all together and replaced them with longer ones and used some NYLOCK nuts on the other end they aint coming loose again.

This seems a real problem if 3 members of our group have had the problem how many more have there been! ?


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