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Swan Swarovski
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Swan Swarovski

Knowing fake from real

Finding a real Swarovski from a fake is easy if you know how. There is always a stamp on the bottom of the figures and a certificate. I like to buy in the box if possible them you know it's genuine. I have bought some without and there is bargains to be had if you are careful. They are very sparkly and beautiful. Checking out feedback is always important so you know whether the feed back is positive. Swarovski pride themselves in quality goods and when you look at their work you can see the difference from a cheaper version. I also look out for chips, imperfections and broken parts as this will always reduce the chance of selling and the price you would pay would be much less. I have had a few beautiful pieces from ebay at a fraction of the cost to the shops. Swarovski is a Austrian maker and prides itself on quality. There are many versions of crystal figures on eBay many claiming to be Swarovski but many aren't some may contain a Swarovski element but that is not the real ones made in Austria   #swarovski #bzzagent 
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