Swarovski Beads or Ordinary Bicone beads?

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You see two bracelets one made from Swarovski beads, the other from ordinary bicone beads, so what's the difference apart from the Swarovski beads probably costing a little more?

Since 1892 Swarovski has perfected the art of cutting shaped crystals. The precision of Swarovski machines produce a cut unmatched by any other crystal beads. The facets and highly polished surfaces enhance the refraction of light for even more sparkle. Swarovski also create the Aurora Borealis (AB) or AB2X coatings which create an iridescent or rainbow effect for an even higher shine. This coating is applied to the bead, AB being a coating which covers half of the bead, whilst the AB2X covers the whole bead. Wholesale packs of Swarovski beads are hologrammed to certify that they are genuine Swarovski crystals, and we only buy them from reputable sources to gaurantee authenticity.

So whilst a cheaper bead may be of a similar colour, it will not have the high quality finish, such as that of a Swarovski bead. When jewellery is made to look perfect it should have that extra sparkle that catches the eye, and gets noticed when it's worn.

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